The appearance of a pregnant woman at any stage of bleeding can not be considered the norm under any circumstances. On the contrary, it is almost always a sign or illness or hazard to the fetus.




When the even minor bleeding pregnant woman should consult a doctor immediately. Ambulance should be called if:

1) and are accompanied by heavy bleeding cramping pains in the abdomen;

2) lasts longer than a day;

3) accompanied by headache, weakness, fainting;

4) If the temperature when this is raised.

If minor bleeding and are not accompanied by symptoms described, it is possible to reach the doctor by yourself, but for your safety and the future mother and fetus still recommended to call an ambulance.

Upon arrival, the doctor you should be ready to tell him start bleeding, describe the intensity and nature of pain, provide information on previous pregnancies, previous infection and features of the flow of current pregnancy. With this information, your doctor will decide on the need for hospitalization.

Indeed, often bleeding during pregnancy is indicative of the various problems in the female body, but do not panic too soon - remember that many women who consulted a doctor about bleeding during pregnancy, child wears well. The main thing - time to see a specialist, and not rely on the fact that everything goes by itself. 




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